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Freelance Copywriter

Clark Copywrites

Atl, Georgia

Motivated copywriter with a passion for writing and an eye for detail. Seeking an opportunity to gain experience and contribute to a creative team. Eager to apply my skills to someone in need of them


  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills

  • Strong attention to detail and accuracy

  • Creative thinking and ability to generate engaging ideas

  • Proficient in grammar, syntax, and punctuation

  • Familiarity with copywriting principles and techniques

  • Quick learner with a willingness to adapt and grow

  • Self-study through reading books and online resources on copywriting practices

Personal Attributes:

  • Strong work ethic and commitment to meeting deadlines

  • Ability to work independently and collaborate effectively in a team environment

  • Open to feedback and dedicated to continuous learning and improvement

Professional skillset

Entrepreneurial Mindset

Teamwork & Collaboration

Market Research


English (native)

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